Learn How to Become a Freelance Book Publicist

First, a publicist is dedicated to helping people grow and keep their public identities. Publicists work hard to increase their clients’ popularity. This is through the writing of press releases, scheduling interviews, and creating marketing campaigns. Most of the time, book publicists start from zero and rise become public relations experts. A good publicist needs to have good knowledge of the book sector and PR. 

My friend, John, once wrote a book but it was not as successful as he expected. After trying every trick and he failed, he realized that a publicist is a solution to a book’s success. If you are hearing this for the first time, I will help you understand who is a publicist. 

If you are here to learn how to become a freelance book publicist, here are some tips to help you out. 

Get a degree

Working in public relationships means you should have a good education. You will require to have a bachelor’s degree. If you are planning to join the university soon, consider enrolling a public relations undergraduate program. This will possibly include coursework in public relations writing.

If you haven’t joined the university and you are thinking of becoming a publicist, taking a course in journalism, English and communication can prepare you for your future career. While a degree is crucial, not every degree program has coursework with direct relation to this book industry. 

Thus, you might want to take a certificate program in entertainment or publishing publicity. With these courses, you can get the same training as in public relations. Apart from that, you will benefit from lessons such as 

  • Social media marketing,
  • Product promotions
  • Celebrity recruiting
  • Copy editing
  • Non-fiction writing 
  • Feature writing
  • Crisis management

Get online training

Not everyone will have a degree in PR. Some people learn about the things they would love to do later in the future. If you just want to work from home and you have chosen to become a publicist, you should consider getting training. An experienced freelance publicist can provide you with all the information you need. There are so many ways to learn how to be a book publicist working from. 

You can search for such training on Google. But a good example is Udemy. You can find credible training that will help you learn. Training with ann expert online is the easiest way since the person takes you through steps. Most of the time, such trainers will share their experience and how they managed to become the best.

However, before you get or pay for the training, consider doing some background check on the trainer. This is to ensure that you are not conned your hard-earned cash.


If you are looking to become a freelance book publicist, it is advisable to you get a degree or take a program that will offer you the necessary skills to do the task. Also, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the book industry. Doing so will make your work easier.